About me

My name is Lotte De Mey. I am a Belgian jewellery designer with a passion for technique.

The foundation of my jewellery training was very wide. First I did a 2 year training to become a classical jeweler and then I went to the art academy and got my Master's degree in 3 dimensional design. I also graduated as an art teacher. That was in 2005. I went to Barcelona to figure out how to proceed and I approached some galleries with my work. A year later I had a show at gallery Alea and I participated in the Enjoia't jewellery awards. I won the student award in 2006 and the professional award in 2007. 

In the mean time in Belgium , I still felt like I knew so little about the jewellery techniques that really interested me. And I started studying a wide variety of techniques on my own that really intrigued me, but are not a part of any curriculum at school. 

In 2009 I decided to try to get selected for Flander's design. If I would make the selection, I wanted to stop my sidejob and work in my studio full time. I got selected and started training other people in jewellery techniques in my studio, besides my own job as a jewellery designer.

Over the next years I took classes in stone setting, lost wax technique and I travelled to München to study the mosaic technique created by Stefano Marchetti.

In the meantime I started a jewellery studio in Antwerp together with a collegue. I worked and teached there for 7 years and we were awarded the 'Antwerp's most brilliant' label for our outstanding work. 

In 2017, 2018 and 2019 I was awarded a grant for young talents by the Sofina-Boël Foundation. This allowed me to travel to Bulgaria for 3 times and study with Valentin Yotkov, a specialist in the technique of chasing and repoussé.

After that I started my own studio space in Edegem, Belgium, where I am still at today. In 2020 en 2021 I participated in a government project to further study chasing and repoussé under the guidance of Patrick Storme.

Since the last two years I have been working hard to transform my classes to online classes, so that I can guide more people in the wonderful journey of jewellery techniques. I will also continue teaching in my studio and inviting wonderful jewelers from abroad to teach there own specialties.